History and background


Late: In the process of building advanced production facility in Denmark with regional offices (warehouses) in the following location: China, Turkey, Ghana, Russia (on hold), Brazil, Germany, USA and Thailand. Goal is job creation and sustainable development. 

Middle: Scaling of competition platform in a 100 countries with cooperation of the locals (hired) and establish strategic relationship with national government plus high worth individuals in the form of private placement ownership configuration.

Early: T-GLOBAL was founded many years ago. The name consists of the first letter in the founder maiden name. The founder began making strategic boardgames with questions for sports while living in his 1-room dorm apartment as a sideline occupation to his job:  the arrow symbolizes his room number 747 like the jumbo airplane. Subsequently the production of games | kits was expanded to competitions on several levels. Later, he decided to organize the operation in two separate business areas: one handling production and the other handling competitions and marketing.  


During the early stages, the company developed guiding principles, which have become the key philosophy.


1. Listening and understanding the customer 

2. Focus on meeting customer needs

3. Sales efforts and high quality

4. Focus on earnings


From the beginning, the founder has focused strongly on export and became internationally oriented at a very early stage: the necessary demand could not be generated on the local market alone.


Aiming to achieve additional volume and thereby become more competitive, we decided to form a long-term growth strategy based on contract agreement: for example large kit. The strategy for growth was based on notably strengthening close customer contact by giving nationals and locals the major responsibility within the divisions of EMEA, Americas and Asia.    



Mission and objectives


T-GLOBAL’s mission is to hold indoors and outdoors competitions on several levels with the manufactured games | kits in many forms.


The aim is to become well known by customers internationally as a brand name, which offers “value for money”. In addition, the brand name is to be managed through close contact with partners & stakeholders around the world. By marketing boardgames, kits and competitions to various geographical markets and several segments, the risk is reduced to a minimum. We consider all partners & stakeholders to be the greatest asset, because in the future, having the competitive edge require flexibility and close contact in the various geographical markets.