Mini kit with football questions for cafes, clubs, marketing & human resource. We may select your winner for trip to Rio, Las Vegas, Monaco, Beijing, Cape Town, Dubai or Barbados.

Content below! Need off peak hour sale, improve finance, communicate internal, retain employee?

    • Competition "How to" letter
    • Ticket to sell versus free
    • Scorecard for fairplay
    • Attention poster
    • Question sheet

________________________________Three options_______________________________ 

  Shop Stockholm, New York, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires etc | Intersport, DICK'S, Decathlon, Family Sports... 

 Prepay Danske Bank IBAN: DK493000000 3318737 | Reg. nr.: 1551, Konto: 3318737 

 Other, 50 kits, 8460 kr ||| EU, 10 kits, 1760 kr ||| Denmark 5 kits, 715 kr  


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